Possible Scam Alert: Solicitations for Police Association

From RPD Crime Prevention Officer Brian Bannerman:

Our Police Locust Club has advised us  that they have heard reports of a company or individuals seeking phone solicitations for the “PBA” (Police Benevolent Association).  Please be advised that none of our local PBA’s (Police Unions) conduct phone solicitations.  This is more than likely a scam.  Police Organizations rarely , if ever solicit donations. If you are contacted by anyone for this purpose, ask for a contact name and phone number so that I can investigate the matter further. If you get contact information from a “PBA” solicitor, please forward that information to Officer Bannerman using his contact information below. Thank you.

Brian Bannerman
Crime Prevention Officer
Rochester NY Police Department
East Division / SENSC
846 S. Clinton Av.
Rochester NY 14620
Office: 585-428-7647

2012 Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2012 Open Houses and Holiday Party.  The crowds grew in numbers at each open house and we approached around 70 attendees at the Holiday Party.  Also, a special “Thank You” to our hosts: Ed & Ellen Haak, Linda, Sam & Abigail Hasman, Jim Hondorf & Susan McNeil and John Rudy & Becky Simmons.  Our esteemed photographer Dave Burnet was on hand to take pictures.  Below is our “cover photo” of Ed & Ellen Haak – our hosts for the first open house.

For the complete set of photos go HERE.

Holiday Open House on Ericsson St.

ABC St. Member Susan Glenz is kicking off her new businesses “Susan Glenz Homes.”  She is celebrating with a holiday open house at her residence – 36 Ericsson St. on December 20 from 5:00-9:00 pm.  RSVP are not required but are helpful – you can RSVP by e-mailing Susan at susanglenz@hotmail.com or calling her at 356-1618.  She will also be collecting items for the Ronald McDonald House & Lollypop Farm.  Please see this PDF flier for more details on the event including the items she is collecting for charity.

Door to Door ESCO Solicitors

With the cold weather returning, crime Prevention officer Brian Bannerman wants to remind everyone that this is the time when we see an increase in ESCO solicitors.  Officer Bannerman has created a document that residents are encouraged to read that will address many questions and concerns about these sales people.