Weekly Neighborhood Photo Feb 24th, 2013


This weekend our neighborhood Wegmans closed in preparation of a new store opening in May.  It has been interesting to watch the new store loom more and more behind the one that I have used for nearly 30 years.  It will be missed but looking forward to new options in restaurants and food options.  So long old friend!

Serve on the Rochester Civilian Review Board (RCRB)

The Center for Dispute Settlement is seeking a diverse pool of city residents to join our efforts to build a non-violent community and enhance the relationship between the Community and the Police.  The Center’s Police Community Relations Program uses independent citizens who are trained as impartial mediators to serve on the Rochester Civilian Review Board (CRB).  For each review conducted, three CRB panelists review police complaint investigations to ensure that the investigations are fair, thorough and timely; the panelists also make training, policy and investigative recommendations to the Chief of Police.

The Rochester CRB is unique in its use of third-party neutral independent citizens to review citizen complaints.  The Center is seeking to expand its pool of diversified mediators.  Mediators are people trained and apprenticed by the Center to become volunteer community mediators.  Individuals from this group of volunteer mediators may receive additional training to become CRB panelists.   Community mediators provide people with access to appropriate ways of resolving disputes that are more efficient, effective and empowering than resorting to legal action in the courts. Additionally, neutral CRB panelists serve to build bridges between the Community and the Police by ensuring the integrity of the Citizen Police Complaint process.  Interested City residents should contact Director, Training and Professional Development, Patricia M. Mason at (585) 546-5110 ext. 113.  Applicants will be provided information about the volunteer mediator training and apprenticeship process, interviews will be arranged and those selected candidates will be scheduled for upcoming 4 day training session on February 28th, March 1st, 7th & 8th

About the Center for Dispute Settlement
The Center for Dispute Settlement’s mission is to use and promote peaceful conflict resolution processes throughout our communities. The Center’s focus is on people who want to prevent, or are experiencing conflict in their families, schools, workplaces and/or the community at large.

The Agency has been in existence since 1973 reducing violence and teaching non-violent strategies to youth and adults.  The Center serves eight counties comprised of: Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Steuben and Yates and has offices in each of these counties to better serve each area.   It also provides services that help build bridges between local law enforcement agencies such as the Rochester Police Department and Monroe County Sheriffs, and the community.

The Center continues to work with other peace keeping agencies and organizations in the promotion of peace and non-violence in our community.  www.cdsadr.org.

Sherry Walker-Cowart, President/CEO and Frank Liberti, Director, Police/Community Relations Programs are available for interviews about the Center’s Civilian Review Board Process.

Contact: Sherry Walker Cowart at SWalker-Cowart@cdsadr.org – phone (585) 546-5110 ext. 109 or Frank Liberti at FLiberti@cdsadr.org – phone (585)546-5110 ext. 106