Movie Night

On August 27th about 30 neighbors met up at the “Hondorf Drive(way)-In” to enjoy a movie and a short.  Jack Garner, our local movie expert and film critic, selected and introduced the two films – a 1938 Mickey Mouse short entitled The Brave Little Tailor (Mickey Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney himself) and Fantastic Mr. Fox – a stop action animated movie directed by Wes Anderson, based on a novel by Roald Dahl .  Both films suited and entertained both the adults and kids that attended.  No movie event would be complete without fresh popped popcorn, hotdogs and drinks.  Big thanks to the Pasteckis for manning the food counter, Kevin Hamblin for AV services, and the Hondorfs for the use of their driveway.

Summer Picnic

On August 17th, our neighbors on Ericsson Street warmly welcomed our annual Summer picnic.   On a picture perfect Summer day, over 60 neighbors (and many of their furry friends) gathered for an afternoon of socializing, playing, and eating.  The day started off with a visit from Mayor Tom Richards and neighbor/politician  Lois Geiss, who took the opportunity to listen to our neighborhood concerns.   In addition to our standard grill fare, Peter Scribner of Park Avenue, added to the feast with his movable grilling station providing scrumptious chicken legs, veggie and kosher options.   As usual, the neighbors pitched in with an assortment of appetizers, side dishes and desserts.  Two standout desserts were the sunflower/ladybug cupcakes (Sue Hondorf) and the Canadian Flag themed sheet cake (Allison & Libby),  in honor of their move back to Canada – we wish them well.  Several new activities entertained both the kids and adults –  garden tours, a hula hoop contest and learning some new dance moves courtesy of Esther Brill.  This was in addition to a traditional favorite – the balloon toss.  Later in the afternoon, our Board President, Susan Glenz, publicly recognized the service of our outgoing board members  – Tom Hasman, Maureen (Mo) Duggan,  George & Lorrie Lorson, and Matt Alexander – by presenting them with plaques designed by Dave Burnet.  Lastly, as a new fundraiser to support our neighborhood activities, we held a silent auction with items donated by both the board and our neighborhood businesses.  We are happy to report that with your generous support we raised over $300.  A big thanks to everyone who helped organize, setup, takedown, cook, greet and entertain.  A fun day which we look forward again to next year !!

2012 Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2012 Open Houses and Holiday Party.  The crowds grew in numbers at each open house and we approached around 70 attendees at the Holiday Party.  Also, a special “Thank You” to our hosts: Ed & Ellen Haak, Linda, Sam & Abigail Hasman, Jim Hondorf & Susan McNeil and John Rudy & Becky Simmons.  Our esteemed photographer Dave Burnet was on hand to take pictures.  Below is our “cover photo” of Ed & Ellen Haak – our hosts for the first open house.

For the complete set of photos go HERE.

2012 ABC Streets Picnic

What an amazing picnic. Thanks to everyone who attended (we had about 90 people; a new record for attendees). I also want to say thanks to ABC St. Vice President Marianne Pastecki for all her hard work “behind the scenes” in ensuring a successful picnic, for our outstanding grill masters Tom Pastecki and Peter Sribner, and for Jim McIntosh for manning the check in table throughout the day.  I also want to thank some local businesses who donated items for our raffle including: Doug’s Barber Shop, East Ave. Auto, Wong’s Kitchen and Park Ave Picture Framing.  Finally, I want to thank ABC St. board member Dave Burnet for taking some great pictures including the one above of John and Joyce Perelli.  To see all of Dave’s photos from the picnic, click HERE.


Another Wonderful Holiday Party

Hi All,

Last evening saw another wonderful holiday party for the ABC Streets Neighborhood.  Why anyone would want to live anywhere else is beyond me 🙂

This year was our second progressive party.  It started at Eric and Bethany’s where jello shots were featured.  Progressed to Matt and Elizabeth’s to test out the double kegorator!  Then it was on to Bill and Matt’s to inspect their newly renovated kitchen, fabulous!!  The final stop was as tradition would have it at Jim and Maureen’s!  Great turn out of just wonderful people.

Thanks to all of the hosts and participants!

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the photos HERE.

2011 Neighborhood Association Picnic

Thanks to all who attended the annual neighborhood association picnic Saturday August 20th and to those who helped set and take down the various canopies, tents, tables, chairs, etc. I want to give a special thanks to ABC St. Vice President Marianne Pastecki who did a vast majority of the work in getting the event off the ground.  Also, a special thanks for board member Dave Burnet who was our official photographer at the picnic.  Dave captured the picnic quite nicely – there are a lot of great shots in here.

Please click here for the pictures.

2010 Holiday Party

Hi All,

On the evening of December 18th 2010 neighbors descended upon 4 homes:

Matt and Bill, Marianne and Tom, Linda and Tom and the party culminated at Jim and Maureen’s

Everyone who hosted did a great job!

Here are some photos from the evening.

Looking forward to a great 2011 in our wonderful Neighborhood!

2010 Summer Picnic

On August 21st, 2010 the ABC Streets Neighborhood association held our annual summer picnic on Calumet Street.  It was well attended, the weather cooperated and there was hots and burgers for all.

Here are some Pictures

Happy Hour

Well I must say we have a tough group in this neighborhood, braving the weather last night to attend the happy hour at Dragonfly on Park Ave.  The weather was just nasty last night, snowy, blowy and freaking cold.  A number of people walked down as well.  Irene and I drove over since I really didn’t expect it to go off.  As we were leaving the house I mentioned to Irene that we would shot over and stay a bit in case anyone shows.  Well we had about 20 people throughout the night.  Plus it was a happy several hours.  Thanks to all that came out more to come!