How to sign up for Greenlight Internet Service

Some neighbors have been telling me that they have signed up for Greenlight service but they were not asked to enter a credit card number for the $10 deposit. Note that if you were not prompted to choose a monthly plan ($50, $75 or $100 level) and make a $10 deposit, then you are NOT signed up for Greenlight. Here’s how to choose a plan and make the $10 deposit.

(1) Click on this link and fill out all information (including your address) and click “Check Availability” at the bottom of the page.

(2) Once you click “Check Availability,” you will either get a congratulations screen saying you are in a Greenlight district or a message that your e-mail address is already in use. Follow the appropriate instructions below based on this message.

(2) (a) Congratulations: Greenlight will send an e-mail to the address you entered in step 1. That e-mail will include a sign up link and password for you to use to pick a plan (the $50 one is sufficient) and put down the $10 deposit.

(2) (b) E-mail already in use: If you enter your e-mail address and get a prompt that the e-mail address you entered is already in use, then send an e-mail to and ask them to reset the password (be sure to include the e-mail address that is associated with the account).

(3) Once you get the new password, go to Greenlight’s home page at Log into your account using the e-mail address and new password they gave you. This time you will be able to log into your account and choose a plan and enter a credit card for the $10 deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up?
Click on the following link.  Create an account, provide your address and use a credit card to put down the $10 deposit.  Click Here
What is the installation fee and price of the service?
There is a $100 installation fee to bring the fiber into your house.  After that you, pay $50 a month for the service (includes taxes and fees).  They also have $75 and $100 options but the speed you get with the $50 option is more than enough.
Are there any other costs?
You do need to provide your own router.  On the plus side, you won’t have to pay a monthly router fee to the DSL or cable company anymore.
Is the whole neighborhood eligible?
Almost.  There is a small section that Greenlight is making a part of the Douglas-East neighborhood.  To see if your house is included, check the map of their coverage Click Here.
When will I get service?
As soon as we get enough sign ups, Greenlight will install the fiber which will take 40-90 days.  Once you’re hooked up, you can do a big dance while you cancel your current Internet service.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No, Greenlight does not require a contract and there is no penalty should you decide to cancel the service in the future. That said, once you see the speed of fiber, you will probably never go back to DSL or cable Internet.



ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Spring Meeting Recap

Neighborhood Meeting
The ABC Streets NA Board Elections and Meeting was held on April 23rd. After voting, we present the current ABC Streets Board Members who will serve for a two year term:
President – Susan Glenz
Vice President – Dave Burnet
Board Member – Jim Hondorf
Board Member – Marianne Pastecki
Board Member – Tom Pastecki
Board Member – Nancy Sears
Susan has reappointed Esther Brill as Secretary and has appointed Sarah Pastecki as Treasurer.  In addition, we have late interest in the last open board position and will report on this when it is finalized.
We want to thank Mike Pretty who has served us well as Treasurer.  Unfortunately for us, he will be moving into his new home in the 19th Ward and we wish him and Parker the best of luck.
Erick Frisch, City Transportation Specialist, advised us about the Harvard Street Milling Project which is part of a larger project to designate Harvard as a Rochester Bicycle Blvd. We will give you a full update you on the project details shortly.Thanks to Elaine Spaull and Matt Haag who attended and updated us on their current projects. We should hear shortly about the results of the Wegmans parking lot meeting and Elaine encourages you to contact her with your ideas or comments about this.
Lastly, we were updated about the Rochester Police Department reorganization by Lieutenant Frank Alberti.  Of note, he told us that if you buy/sell goods on Craig’s List you can use the SE Neighborhood Service Center on Goodman Street as a safe haven for meeting your buyer/seller and closing the deal.  This is a result of some “deals gone wrong” leading to theft and/or assault (especially with electronics).

ABC Streets Board Elections = It’s time to let us know if you plan on running!

Elections for President, Vice President and five board members will be held at our Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting on April 25th. Membership Director Maureen Duggan is now accepting nominations (yes, you can nominate yourself) for these positions between now and March 26, 2013. At that time, Maureen will announce the candidates for each office and open e-mail voting.  Members can also choose to vote in person at the April 25 ABC St. Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting.

Per our bylaws, the current President and Vice President having served two 2-year terms (4 years total) are “termed out” and cannot run for those offices this time around.

Please note the following:

  1. Only paid members can be (a) nominated for office, and (b) vote in the election (feel free to check your status with Maureen by e-mailing her
  2. Please e-mail Maureen the full name of the nominee and position for which they are being nominated (President, Vice President or at-large board member)
  3. If you are nominating anyone other than yourself please make sure  they will accept the nomination before submitting their name (Maureen will also verify their intent to run)
  4. Please send all nominations to Maureen at  Note that this is a separate mailbox that the ABC Streets use for the elections to ensure the nomination and voting process is transparent.  Only the Membership Director can access to this email account.

Washington Grove

Contributed by: Esther Brill

Hello, yesterday (Friday) i went to two events related to the 100th anniversary of Washington Grove, the 20+ acres of remarkable old growth forest –
accessible for hiking, leashed dog walking, etc, from the Cobbs Hill reservoir area (where there is now a new display/info board),
from behind Tay House, or from Nunda Blvd.

There was a daytime dedication and tree planting at Tay House, attended by City officials (Mayor Richardson grew up on Ericsson St – don’t know what address)
and School 1 children, and a fascinating presentation at Lake Riley Lodge by Larry Champoux in the evening on the history of  Cobbs Hill Park
(Did you know it was a quarry?!  And as a park, was a major tourist attraction? Or that on Twelfth Night for many years there were giant Xmas tree bonfires?)
and the building of the reservoir and the evolution of Lake Riley – it would be a wonderful presentation for our Neighborhood Association.

The Friends of Washington Grove are active in a fundraising campaign, in collaboration with the City Forestry Division (Reforest Rochester), to restore native trees/shrubs toward the next 100 years of the Grove (you can adopt a tree); they also sponsor work days where invasive species are cleared.  If you are interested in more information or in becoming involved, contact Peter Debes.

I recently called the City for a dangling branch – they arrived promptly and an enthusiastic new employee was happy to share with me  the vast number of trees the Forestry Division is responsible for, both on the tree lawns and in City  parks – the numbers boggle the mind…

Cat Found on Harvard St.

Hi Everyone.  A young, very hungry, grey cat with short hair has been found on Harvard St. (between Girard and Homer).  The woman who found the cat notes that he is clawed, sweet, and not at all timid. She is hoping to find the owner.  Please contact Tom at if you believe this is your cat.

Welcome to our neighborhood


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ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Elections

The current board (Tom Hasman, Marianne Pastecki, Matt Alexander, Dave Burnet, Jim Hondorf, and George & Lorrie Lorson) was re-elected to another 2-year term.  In addition, Tom has asked Maureen Duggan to stay on as Treasurer/Membership Director and Kevin Hamblin to stay on as Secretary (these two positions are appointed by the President per our by-laws).  Both have accepted and will stay in their current positions.  We’ve accomplished a lot this past two years and look forward to another successful term.  Thanks for your support.