Garden Walk 2015


Hundreds of visitors strolled the neighborhood Sunday afternoon July 12th for our first annual Garden Walk – featuring 15 locations hosted by our gracious Garden Walk hosts – who shared their garden spaces and chatted with the steady stream of interested visitors from throughout Monroe County and even served refreshing lemonade and cucumber water.

Thanks to the garden hosts; to the planning committee: Kathy Gardner, Carrie Riley, Ellen Rosen, Aaron Rosen, John Rudy, Nancy Sears, Esther Brill; to volunteers Maureen Duggan, Marie McEneaney, Betsy Kubick, Sarah & Katie Pastecki, Marianne & Tom Pastecki; to East Avenue Dentistry: Drs. Harry and Aaron Rosen, Bruce Davie: Useless Objects, Michael Hannen Plants, Chris Froehlich: Rochester Civic Garden Center; and appreciation for all the support and encouragement we received from the City of Rochester: Nancy Johns-Price, Sara Scott and Jim Farr.

We received a full-page photo spread in the Democrat & Chronicle: Nancy Sears is quoted: “This is our neighborhood – we wanted to do something to promote our neighborhood as walkable, cycle-able… We have a very strong neighborhood association – we do a lot of events just to get all the neighbors knowing each other and building a sense of community.”

ABC garden photo greeting cards and Park Avenue 2015 pint glasses  (thanks Jim Hondorf and Kevin Hamblin!) were offered at the event, and are still available for sale. Photos from the garden walk are HERE.

Spring Planting in Morrison Park

D7K_4351Thanks to our neighbors and friends who helped out on a beautiful Sunday morning to plant annuals.  We even had a gardener in training who helped dig holes and spread mulch.  Also thanks to Sara Scott from the City who organized the Rochester Blossoms event and made the plants available for our garden.

D7K_4347 D7K_4334

Clean Sweep 2014 Recap

WOW !!!  The only way to describe this year’s event.  Not only did we have a strong neighborhood turnout but several groups from outside our neighborhood were assigned to our projects.  Everyone involved did an outstanding job and we dare anyone to find a stray piece of debris on any street from A-G.  Morrison Park had about 20 people pruning, weeding, raking, shoveling and laying mulch to great effect.   A special thanks to those groups that volunteered from outside our neighborhood – the guys from Erdman Anthony at the Culver Road Armory and the team from Hillside Chlildren’s Center.  Peyton from Hillside was a star and showed his muscle shoveling and laying down mulch.  Luckily we worked quickly enough so that the last shovelful of mulch was being spread as the raindrops started to fall.  As part of the citywide event, we handed out about 30 vouchers to the volunteers for the afternoon Red Wings Game. ABC Streets NA Board Members Jim Hondorf and Kevin Hamblin led the charge this year and thanks go out to them for their hard work.

Photos of your neighbors working hard can be found HERE.

One more step to finish in Morrison Park – plant annuals and mulch in the stone garden under the sign on Sunday, May 18th at 9 AM.  Join us if you can and bring a spade/work gloves.

Fall Clean Sweep

The weather cooperated on Saturday with bright sunny skies and warm temps as a troop of neighbors, armed with rakes and trimmers, got together to put Morrison Park “to bed” for the Winter.  The hostas were cropped and the leaves were raked and some new tulip bulbs were planted so that we can capture the first hints of Spring.  Thanks to everyone from the neighborhood who participated and thanks also to Nancy Johns Price and her city team that lent us the gear and made sure the street got cleaned up when we were done.MiniCleanSweep

Morrison Park Re-Dedication – July 13, 2012

In June 1975, then Mayor Thomas Ryan presided over a dedication ceremony for Morrison Park.  See photo below.  Thirty seven years later, members of the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association came together to revitalize the park with new trees, plants and flowers.  In addition, the traffic box was painted to compliment the park and a “Welcome” sign and stone garden (complete with flowers) was added at the southwest corner of the park.  Looking at the June 1975 photograph a few months ago became the inspiration for the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association to re-dedicate the park on July 13, 2012.  I want to thank City of Rochester DES Commissioner Paul Holahan for presiding over the dedication.  I also want to thank city council members Matt Haag and Elaine Spaull for assisting Commissioner Holahan with the dedication.

I also want to thank: (1) ABC Street Board Member Jim Hondorf who had the idea to revitalize the park; (2) the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Board for assisting Jim with this project; (3) Bruce Zaretsky (of Zaretsky and Associates) who created the design for the park; (4) Assistant Director of the Bureau of Recreation Jim Farr and his staff for providing $1,500 in city funding for the park and also provided direction and encouragement for the revitalization as we moved forward with the design; (5) Lauren Nelson and her staff from Park Operations for assisting with the demolition of the old park and providing mulch and compost; (6) City Engineer and ABC Streets Member Jim McIntosh for helping to raise the curbs, and assisting with the park planting and sign installation; (7) ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Member Erik Matzky (owner of High Falls Tree Service) who donated mulch and other landscaping services to the park; (8) ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Member Dick Lubey for painting the traffic box in the park; (9) Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) for providing a $1,500 grant for the Welcome to ABC Streets sign; (10) The ABC Street’s Neighborhood Association Members who raised over $2,000 for the park and helped with the planting; and (11) Very Special ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Members – my wife Linda and children Samuel and Abigail.  I could not be successful as the President of the Neighborhood Association without their support.

Photos from the dedication HERE.

Morrison Park Planting

This past Saturday, May 19th, a group of ABC Street Neighbors gathered at Morrison Park to weed, mulch and plant annuals beneath the new sign.  The park is really looking amazing, I can’t wait for the dogwoods to mature it will be spectacular!

Clean Sweep Part II – Morrison Park

Hi Everyone.  I hope you can join us this Saturday at 9:00 am in Morrison Park for “Part II” of our Clean Sweep.  We will be weeding the garden, adding a new layer of mulch, splitting some hostas and planting flowers in the rock garden below the “Welcome to ABC Streets” sign.

2012 Clean Sweep

On Saturday, May 12, over 35 neighborhood residents participated in the annual City sponsored Clean Sweep. The group gathered at 9 AM at Morrison Park for coffee and doughnuts provided by the ABC NA. Teams were established and street assignments were handed out by Board members Lorrie and George Lorson. By 9:30 AM teams of all ages were busy beautifying all the ABC streets and returned to Morrison Park by 11 AM laden with their trash bags and began weeding Morrison Park.

The ABC NA would like to give a special thanks to our new neighbors at The Armory on Culver Road, Erdman Anthony & Associates Inc, for providing 10 volunteers to assist us in this neighborhood event.

Here are some photos


Sign Installation

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the “Welcome ABC Streets Neighborhood” sign in Morrison Park.  If you normally enter/exit the neighborhood from the east side (Park/Colby at East Ave), be sure to take a “detour” to check out the new sign.  It looks great.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the sign installation.  I want to thank board members Jim Hondorf, Kevin Hamblin, Matt Alexander, Maureen Duggan, Marianne Pastecki and Dave Burnet (our esteemed photographer).  I also wanted to thank ABC Streets members Jim McIntosh, Tom Pastecki, and Nancy and Brian Sears for helping with the installation.  Finally, I want to thank the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) for providing a $1,500 grant that allowed us to purchase and install the sign.  It was a brisk morning but everyone hung in there and got the job done.  Dave even made an “emergency” trip to Home Depot during the installation to buy longer bolts.  Below are some pictures that David took during the installation.  I hope everyone enjoys the pictures (and of course our new sign).

See Installation Photos Here