Morrison Park Re-Dedication – July 13, 2012

In June 1975, then Mayor Thomas Ryan presided over a dedication ceremony for Morrison Park.  See photo below.  Thirty seven years later, members of the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association came together to revitalize the park with new trees, plants and flowers.  In addition, the traffic box was painted to compliment the park and a “Welcome” sign and stone garden (complete with flowers) was added at the southwest corner of the park.  Looking at the June 1975 photograph a few months ago became the inspiration for the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association to re-dedicate the park on July 13, 2012.  I want to thank City of Rochester DES Commissioner Paul Holahan for presiding over the dedication.  I also want to thank city council members Matt Haag and Elaine Spaull for assisting Commissioner Holahan with the dedication.

I also want to thank: (1) ABC Street Board Member Jim Hondorf who had the idea to revitalize the park; (2) the ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Board for assisting Jim with this project; (3) Bruce Zaretsky (of Zaretsky and Associates) who created the design for the park; (4) Assistant Director of the Bureau of Recreation Jim Farr and his staff for providing $1,500 in city funding for the park and also provided direction and encouragement for the revitalization as we moved forward with the design; (5) Lauren Nelson and her staff from Park Operations for assisting with the demolition of the old park and providing mulch and compost; (6) City Engineer and ABC Streets Member Jim McIntosh for helping to raise the curbs, and assisting with the park planting and sign installation; (7) ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Member Erik Matzky (owner of High Falls Tree Service) who donated mulch and other landscaping services to the park; (8) ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Member Dick Lubey for painting the traffic box in the park; (9) Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) for providing a $1,500 grant for the Welcome to ABC Streets sign; (10) The ABC Street’s Neighborhood Association Members who raised over $2,000 for the park and helped with the planting; and (11) Very Special ABC Streets Neighborhood Association Members – my wife Linda and children Samuel and Abigail.  I could not be successful as the President of the Neighborhood Association without their support.

Photos from the dedication HERE.