Possible Scam Alert: Solicitations for Police Association

From RPD Crime Prevention Officer Brian Bannerman:

Our Police Locust Club has advised us  that they have heard reports of a company or individuals seeking phone solicitations for the “PBA” (Police Benevolent Association).  Please be advised that none of our local PBA’s (Police Unions) conduct phone solicitations.  This is more than likely a scam.  Police Organizations rarely , if ever solicit donations. If you are contacted by anyone for this purpose, ask for a contact name and phone number so that I can investigate the matter further. If you get contact information from a “PBA” solicitor, please forward that information to Officer Bannerman using his contact information below. Thank you.

Brian Bannerman
Crime Prevention Officer
Rochester NY Police Department
East Division / SENSC
846 S. Clinton Av.
Rochester NY 14620
Office: 585-428-7647