Sign Installation

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the “Welcome ABC Streets Neighborhood” sign in Morrison Park.  If you normally enter/exit the neighborhood from the east side (Park/Colby at East Ave), be sure to take a “detour” to check out the new sign.  It looks great.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the sign installation.  I want to thank board members Jim Hondorf, Kevin Hamblin, Matt Alexander, Maureen Duggan, Marianne Pastecki and Dave Burnet (our esteemed photographer).  I also wanted to thank ABC Streets members Jim McIntosh, Tom Pastecki, and Nancy and Brian Sears for helping with the installation.  Finally, I want to thank the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) for providing a $1,500 grant that allowed us to purchase and install the sign.  It was a brisk morning but everyone hung in there and got the job done.  Dave even made an “emergency” trip to Home Depot during the installation to buy longer bolts.  Below are some pictures that David took during the installation.  I hope everyone enjoys the pictures (and of course our new sign).

See Installation Photos Here