Street Banners

The banners have now been installed.  The remaining text in this post is being left for historical purposes.

ABC Streets BannerWe are in the early planning stages for Street Banners for the ABC Streets neighborhood!  Initial plans call to install banners on street light poles on alternate streets along Harvard Street and Park Avenue.  Installation would begin at Culver and Harvard and then on to  Beverly, Darwin, Faraday and Homer.  A banner would be installed on the corner of Harvard & Park (near Metro Retro), and one on the corner of Colby & East Avenue.

Banners would then be installed on alternate streets along Park Avenue, beginning @ Park  & East Avenue (near East Avenue Dental), one banner on the curve on Park and then on to Girard, Ericsson, Calumet and Audubon (covering those streets not bannered along Harvard Street).

Banner size will be 16″x24″, as our street lights are only 13 ft. tall and larger banners could cause damage to the poles.  We will purchase 18 banners in total.  Fifteen (15) will be installed and three extra will be kep in the event of vandalism or damage.  The banners are vinyl (recommended), printed on both sides and each require a top and bottom bracket.  They have a three-season warranty that covers fading or defective workmanship.  “Acts of God,” or severe wind storms are not covered.