Washington Grove

Contributed by: Esther Brill

Hello, yesterday (Friday) i went to two events related to the 100th anniversary of Washington Grove, the 20+ acres of remarkable old growth forest –
accessible for hiking, leashed dog walking, etc, from the Cobbs Hill reservoir area (where there is now a new display/info board),
from behind Tay House, or from Nunda Blvd.

There was a daytime dedication and tree planting at Tay House, attended by City officials (Mayor Richardson grew up on Ericsson St – don’t know what address)
and School 1 children, and a fascinating presentation at Lake Riley Lodge by Larry Champoux in the evening on the history of  Cobbs Hill Park
(Did you know it was a quarry?!  And as a park, was a major tourist attraction? Or that on Twelfth Night for many years there were giant Xmas tree bonfires?)
and the building of the reservoir and the evolution of Lake Riley – it would be a wonderful presentation for our Neighborhood Association.

The Friends of Washington Grove are active in a fundraising campaign, in collaboration with the City Forestry Division (Reforest Rochester), to restore native trees/shrubs toward the next 100 years of the Grove (you can adopt a tree); they also sponsor work days where invasive species are cleared.  If you are interested in more information or in becoming involved, contact Peter Debes.

I recently called the City for a dangling branch – they arrived promptly and an enthusiastic new employee was happy to share with me  the vast number of trees the Forestry Division is responsible for, both on the tree lawns and in City  parks – the numbers boggle the mind…